Sunday, June 25, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 6 - Personal Project 02

For this update I am *almost* done with the high poly of Beaky the Owlbear but it will still need some minor tweaking (or other changes depending on how the critique class goes).

During the two weeks, Nick and I talked about shifting the focus of the sculpt away from the miniature and try to make it more like the original artwork
Result so far
Here are some shots of the development of the model over time (I took quite a bit of photos this time around):

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 5 - Personal Project 02

For this next project I will be creating a model of the "Beaky" Owlbear character from the Pathfinder tabletop series. The goal is to recreate the character in his pose but also to possibly use cards to create the hair/feathers.

The goal of the schedule is this:
Week 1: Sculpting halfway done
Week 2: Sculpting finished
Week 3: Retopo (card system? if time)
Week 4: texture (card system if  time)

Also for my final research project my goal is to research into Agisoft and utilize the program somehow for my final project.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 2 - Personal Project 01

3D Class S3 Week 1 - Personal Project 01

For the first personal project of this semester I will work on an anatomy study of a female model. The goal is to have a completed anatomy study to show and also to utilize some of my time studying up on Marvelous Designer to either add to this project or use in a later project.

Here is the original refence of the specific model I am creating:

 Here is some more of the reference I will be using:

My schedule for the month long project is as follows:
Week 1: High poly sculpt
Week 2: High poly sculpt
Week 3: Retopo and finer details
Week 4: Texture and push into engine