Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 15 Final Delivery (All Material)

This week for our Oz project I worked primarily on the castle asset pieces for our level. We brainstormed this week on what we could add to the final level in terms of the castle entrance and I was mostly in charge of implementing these changes. I added a bit more geometry to the mesh of the castle base and tried to complicate the geo to look jagged. I also created a grand entrance for the castle, a door to be used as a door/drawbridge, and UV'd the castle roof and entrance. The UV's I created specifically to highlight areas where Francisco wanted to add detail textures. They are not perfect because I am still becoming accustomed to the UVing process but it was an interesting exercise to take on for this week and I felt like I learned a bit more about a part of the 3D process I haven't explored much of yet.
Castle with new changes
Close up of castle w/o whole base showing

Side view of new castle entrance

Close up of door and entrance
Down the rabbit hole

UV for entrance

UV for castle roof

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