Sunday, December 11, 2016

3D Class Week 16 Creating An Environment Part 04 (Vegetation)

This week for our 3D environment project we created plants to add to our scene using Photoshop and Maya. We took these plants and imported them into our project and used the paint tool to fill our level with plant life. We also continued to make improvements upon our existing scene.

New oasis layout

Close up

Distant shot of the entire level

Although most of the plants are by the oasis, I added some more of the plants scattered throughout the level

Another example of how plants are layout in the level

This is a "starting" path I added to the level that takes you straight to the oasis

I changed the skysphere to be a med-complexity blueprint like the one we made last week. I also toned the sun back slightly while turning up the complexity on the clouds.

Another shot of the new sky. I took out the cloud rings and stuck with the clouds on the skysphere.

The level in its entirety


  1. I think the vegetation really helped things on the project. Watch the materials on this. Make sure it doesn't turn out too plastic looking. Also the flowers you made are nice, but their light values are really high right now.

  2. I really like the shape of your trees!!!