Monday, January 30, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 03 Hard Surface Modeling Project (High res Section)

This week we focused on hard surface modeling again. We picked a gun based on a group of reference images that Nick gave us to work with and we were to use either ZBrush, Maya, or Fusion to create the high res model. This project took me about 11 hrs to complete.

Here is the gun I picked: Sig Sauer P238

I made my gun with Fusion because I wanted to have more practice using the program, Here I am starting out by blocking out the overall shape of the gun

I slowly started blocking out more complex pieces added to the main body of the gun

Some more pieces at another view. Sights are added!

Next step was adding the smaller details into the bottom and top pieces, here is the top with all the details added

Here is the final product in Fusion, with all of the details added

I finished the project by bringing the gun into ZBrush and adding some tiny fixes

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  1. Look at the body thickness.