Monday, January 16, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 01 Modeling In Autodesk Fusion 360

To start off this new semester, we learned how to use Fusion 360 for hard surface modeling. The focus of this week was to become accustomed to the new program and follow a basic tutorial on how to model a knife. The original tutorial videos took approximately 2 hrs to follow, and the knife took me around 8 hrs to complete.

Forming the basic shapes of the handle and blade

Starting to add some basic details to the blade

Here is the blade coming along, nearly done with the details

Bottom view of the blade...SLICE!

Moving on to the handle detail

Here is the other side of the handle with the details added

Adding the clip

Adding the spacer detail, also a nice top view of the clip

Next, modeling the screws
Here is the final knife with all the polish in place!

Here is the final product exported from Fusion and imported into Zbrush!
Zbrush BPR

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