Monday, September 19, 2016

3D Class Week 04 Lego Round 2

Onto another round of building with Legos! As a member of the Character Team I helped develop a character for our full-class scene. I ended up developing an alien mechanic to stick with our futuristic theme, and modeled a wrench and a vest to go with my mechanic character. Modeling the wrench took a little over 6.5 hours, the vest took a little under 6.5 hours, creating the texture skin took about 2 hours, and putting everything into UE4 for the class to use took about 2 hours as well.

Wrench models

Fronts of vest
Backs of vest
Character model fully textured (made by Ryan Hill, who modeled the figure, UV'd the figure, and made a handy guide to texturing the figure) with both items I modeled for this project
Here we see a mechanic in action, taking a break from all of the work he's been doing

The wrench material in UE4 has a pulsing green emissive color that I made by using a sine node, similar to how I made my orb in my lighting project for tech art

This guy never smiles

Full view of the scene


  1. I think the work turned out well. Things that I think could help the project, documenting the pieces that you are making, is there reference? It would be nice for all your pieces to have bevels on them, at least for L0. There are also times where your accessories feel a little low res or faceted. More geo is needed for higher degree of curvature. Nice thick outlines for the textures would help as well.

  2. P.S. I think you displayed your work very nicely!