Friday, September 2, 2016

3D Week 02 Minecraft-ish Level

For this assignment we took our UE4 blocks and pushed them to the next level. We took a block and used Maya and Photoshop and gave the blocks a MineCraft-like texture. We then took the block and imported it into UE4 along with the textures we made. From there we made meshes and materials in UE4 and used these custom "MineCraft-ish" blocks to make a level that resembled a creation from MineCraft.

Importing our texture and applying it to our block in Maya

Maya UV mapping

Here it is on the block

Texture building in Photoshop

My grass vs. the example grass

Cluster of grass blocks

Here it is up close

Material Map in UE4

Added world offset for water block material

And here it is!

Snowy cave

A beautiful ocean

Secret cave oasis

Close-up on the waterfall

Top-down view

Here is the practice dummy in the level

Splashing around in the water

The different textures I made
This project took me around 6 hours total, approximately 2.5 hours to build the level. I had to re-do parts of the project involving the UVs due to me not saving the Maya project the first time.

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  1. I like what you have made, I wish my grass brick wasn't in there, I bet you could make a texture that fit your needs way better than the one that I made! :)