Monday, September 12, 2016

3D Class Week 03 Lego Project Part 01

Onto our Lego building! Since this was the first time in a real while that I have modeled anything in maya, this project was a little bit more challenging for me then the past projects. It took me around 10 hours to model my Lego piece (which includes watching the movies and re-working the Lego to function in the way I needed it to). It took me about 5 hours to build my object for our neighborhood scene.

Starting to model the pieces in Maya; at this point the arch and the block were separate pieces and I was measuring and adjusting the two to make sure they would work:

Got to this point eventually, and hallowed out the middle of the model to fit together. Ended up getting myself in a bind with the way I was handling the geometry so I went shortly after to get help:

Nick showed me a better way of carving out the geometry by modeling half of my Lego at a time then mirroring the geometry, which was a lot easier to work with:

UV map of my Lego piece, please don't judge too hard because I have not much of an idea of what is going on here:

 For our combined Lego project, we decided to make a neighborhood scene made up of tiny houses. I used the below house to base my Lego "tiny house" off of:

 Here is the neighborhood

 My tiny house in all of it's glory

Some interior shots of my house

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  1. I was a little hard to see your geometry in your Maya shots. Get in closer to the model to show off the work, also I don't really want to see the Maya interface for screenshots of your model. Really think about how you show and present your work!