Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tech Art Week 05

This week in tech art we created our own blueprints! We were tasked with creating whatever scene we wanted (using pre-made assets or anything) and creating at least one dynamic material blueprint (where the material changes) that responded to the "G" key and another blueprint that is activated by a trigger (so the blueprint activates whenever the player gets near the trigger. This project took me around 3 hours to complete.

My level I created, used assets from the older projects (not mine)

Running the game
For the input based dynamic material blueprint, I made it so that the rock changes material and texture when "G" is pressed. The texture changes from stone to a golden hex-like material, and the emission on the base material (with the rock texture) glows green. I couldn't quite get the two changes to play nicely together, so the green glow turns on and off at seemingly random. When the key is pressed, the materials on the rock not only change but the walls turn/glow golden as well, and text is printed to the screen praising the rock.

When "G" key is pressed, everything operates on a timeline so holding the key changes the glow intensity

The volume trigger I created involved going near the rock. Once the player approaches the rock red smoke starts to emit from the base of the rock.

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