Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2D Class Week 10 Concept Discovery With 3D

For this week for our 2D Wizard of Oz project we explored different methods of using various digital 3D modeling/sculpting programs to develop concept pieces. We also improved upon our work from the previous weeks based on the feedback we had previously received. I spent about 4 hours this week working on this part of the project.

New concept made by Melissa for the castle. We changed direction drastically from the previous concept

Here it is in Maya using the Toon shader and outlines. Francisco modeled the base of the castle seen here and I modeled the tower and "floating rock" the castle is sitting on

Close up of the top of the tower

Here is a line up of some gravestones and some rocks I made as concept pieces to test out the Toon shader

Close up of the gravestones, Lindsay had talked to our group this week about ideas for the transition into the witches castle. She brought up the idea of having a graveyard in between the castle and the forest.

Reference I found for the graves

Close up of the rocks

Reference for the rocks

Here are the props with only the Toon outlines on them

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